Ballycarrane House, Thurles

Ballycarrane House, Thurles

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Frances Agnes Bray [1813-1874], Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary

 Frances Agnes Bray [Fanny] was the third daughter of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary and his wife Ellen Ronayne.
Frances, of Luke Bray, farmer, and Ellen Ronan, Ballycarrane, sponsors Maurice Ronan and Mrs. J. Bray.[1]

She married Francis Bray O’Brien [1806-1870]. Francis was the son of Denis O'Brien and Mary Bray and a cousin of Frances Agnes.[2]  They were married by His Grace the Most Reverend Dr. Slattery on the 24th of November 1840. A dispensation from a bishop was required on the grounds of two 2nd degrees of separation or consanguinity.  Francis’s mother was Mary Bray, a sister of Luke Bray who was Fanny’s father. Francis’s grandmother was another Mary Bray which accounted for the second 2nd degree of separation. William Joseph Burke and Anne Ronan were present at the marriage.
Maurice Ronayne of Knockaderry in County Waterford and Robert Lidwell of Templemore in the County of Tipperary were named in the marriage settlement.[3]

Francis and Fanny had six children:

1. Denis Bray O’Brien [1841-] of Ardfort House, Thurles, County Tipperary.
BIRTHS. At Thurles, Co. Tipperary, the lady of FRANCIS O'BRIEN, Esq, of a son and heir. [4]
2. Ellen [abt.1843-1899]. She is buried in St. Mary’s Graveyard, Thurles.
Ellen Mary O'Brien died at Thurles 30th Dec 1899 aged 56 years  
3. John Bray O’Brien [1844-] of Ardfort House, married Mary Desmond Power, eldest daughter of Richard Power Esq., of Ballydavid House, Thurles, County Tipperary in 1881.
4. Mary O’Brien [1846-]. Charles Tool and Mary Bray were witnesses at her baptism.
5. William Francis Bray O’Brien [abt 1849-1927], Ardfort House, Thurles, County Tipperary, married Kathleen Lloyd in London in 1881. They had one daughter Camilla O’Brien. William and Kathleen are buried in St. Mary’s Graveyard, Thurles.
William Bray O'Brien son of Francis Bray O'Brien who died at Ardfort 8th Dec 1927 aged 78   Also his wife Kathleen (nee Lloyd) of Lisheen Castle who died at Ardfort 22nd March 1953 aged 92 years
6. Francis James O’Brien [1853-] known as Frank.

In May 1855 the lands of Gortataggart, part of Gortnaclogh and houses and premises in the town of Thurles, the estate of Francis O'Brien, were advertised for sale.[5]

Francis Bray O’Brien died on the 1st of November 1870 aged 64.
Frances, or Fanny, died on the 12thof January 1874. 
O'Brien, Jan 12, at Ardfort House, Thurles, after a long and painful illness, Francis Agnes, relict of Francis Bray O'Brien, Esq., J.P.[6]
Both are buried in St. Mary's Graveyard, Thurles. Francis Bray O'Brien died at Thurles 1st Nov 1870 aged 64 years   Fanny Bray O'Brien his wife died 12th Jan 1874  

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Monday, 15 July 2019

James Bray [Abt. 1781-1825] of Thurles

 James Bray was the son of John Bray of Thurles, County Tipperary, and his wife Mary Fogarty.  He was named after his maternal grandfather James Fogarty.
He married Mary Kearney in 1810 in Thurles.
By Doctor Bray, James Bray of Thurles to Mary Kearney of Thurles, pres. John Bray his father and Mrs Kearney her mother. [1]

James Bray and his wife Mary Kearney were present at the marriage of Elizabeth Bray of Fethard to James Lalor of Mount Brilliant, Kilkenny, in 1812, in Thurles. Elizabeth Bray’s uncle The Reverend Thomas Bray conducted the ceremony and her sister Margaret was also present. Elizabeth's father James died in 1783. He had been a doctor in Falmouth. Her mother was Margaret Fullerton. Her sister Margaret never married and appears to have become a nun in the Presentation Convent, Cork. Her brother James [R.N.] died in 1813. Her other brother John Fullerton was in the East India Service. She and James Lalor had four children. Charles, Margaret and Joseph all died in infancy. Their surviving daughter Alicia Bray Lalor married O'Brien Mahony in Clonmel in 1861 and had one daughter Elizabeth Clara Mary. Elizabeth Lalor appears to have died in 1861.
The question is, why were James Bray and Mary Kearney of Thurles people of importance at the marriage? How might they have been related to Elizabeth Bray?

James Bray died in 1825 aged 44. He was buried in Holy Cross Abbey. There is an inscription on his gravestone:
Here lies the body of James Bray Esq., of the Town of Thurles who departed this life on the 1st day of March 1825 aged 44 years. In him the widow and the orphan lost a constant friend and true piety a perfect model. May he rest in Peace Amen.
Luke's second daughter Mary, niece of James, is also commemorated on the gravestone.
Also Mary second daughter of Luke and Niece of James Bray Esqr who died July 17th 1877 aged 62.[2]

Mary Kearney outlived James by 24 years. She never remarried and died in Dublin in 1849.
Died, Feb 5, at an advanced age at Middle Gardiner-street, Mary, relict of the late James Bray of Thurles, Esq.[3]
She is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

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Sunday, 30 June 2019

John Bray [1818-1872]

John Bray was born on the 7th of December 1818 the son of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary and Ellen Ronayne. He was a twin, his sister was christened Johanna. Their baptismal sponsors were Luke Bray, Mary Ann Lalor, James Bray and Mary Kearney

On the 7th inst .the lady of Luke Bray Esq. of Ballycurrane of twins a son and a daughter. About a year back this lady had the same good fortune.[1]

John Bray was involved, with three cousins, in the accident at Cabra Bridge on the River Suir which resulted in the drowning of John Bray O'Brien, J.P., of Turtulla, 31st of July 1839.

Tipperary North Riding Summer Assizes 1839. Thurles 1st August: John Bray O'Brien J.P. of Turtulla drowned. With his two brothers and his cousin german, John Bray Esq., went boating on River Suir, very swollen after recent heavy rain, on Wednesday 31 July. At bridge of Cabra, the boat struck a concealed weir and capsized. The other three scrambled ashore but O'Brien was cast headlong into the water and drowned. He merited high esteems (sic) and affection. Considerate and indulgent as a landlord: friend and benefactor to all in neighbourhood: upright and impartial as a magistrate.[2]

In 1860 John Bray was found to be of unsound mind.[3] He had been unwell for the previous 18 years – possibly since the year after the drowning at Cabra Bridge.
From 1860 he lived in residential care in Hartfield House, Dublin. He had a farm of 138 acres from which he derived an income. He was single.
John Bray died in 1872. His place of residence on the death certificate was given then as Westmoreland St., Dublin. Charles Toole had a seed merchants at 41 Westmoreland Street, Toole and Mackey, nursery and seedsman and florists.[4] He was married to John Bray’s first cousin Mary Bourke. This was later changed in the death record to Ballycurrane, Thurles. The informant was Denis Bray O'Brien, Ardfort House, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
He is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Ellen Mary Clare Bray [1817-1900]

Ellen Mary Clare Bray was born about 1817, the daughter of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary and Ellen Ronayne of County Waterford. She never married.
She died in 1900 aged 84, and is buried at Holy Cross Abbey with her parents and sisters.

Bray, Ellen, 31 August. Probate of the will of Ellen Bray late of Thurles, Co. Tipperary, spinster, 11 August 1900 granted at Dublin to John B. O'Brien gentleman. Effects £5,707.4.2d. [520][1]

John Bray O’Brien of Ardfort House, Thurles, was her nephew, son of her sister Frances who had married Francis Bray O’Brien. He was married to Mary Desmond Power.


Monday, 3 June 2019

Catherine Johanna Bray [1815-1902]

Catherine Johanna Bray was born in 1815, the daughter of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary and Ellen Ronayne of Ballindad, County Waterford.
Cat Johanna, of Luke Bray, gent, and Ellen Ronan, Ballycarrane, sponsor Mary Ronan.[1]

Catherine Bray sponsored her nephew Daniel Jennings, son of her sister Johanna, at his baptism in Tuam Cathedral on 27th May 1853.[2]
She was also a witness at the marriage of her cousin Ann Ronayne to Walter George Mansfield in 1853 in the Catholic Cathedral, Waterford.[3] After the death of Walter Mansfield in 1873, Ann married again, to Thomas Paul Sherlock, in Dublin, in 1874.

In 1877 Catherine was a beneficiary of her sister Mary’s will.
Ellen and Catherine Bray, the two remaining sisters after Mary’s death, are mentioned in both the newspapers and in Directories.
Concert in Thurles... The Misses Bray.[4]
As they grew older they lived in the Main Street of Thurles and not at Ballycarrane.
Bray, Miss Catherine, Main St., Thurles. (Gentry and Clergy).[5]
Thurles Misses Bray farmers residents Main St. Thurles.[6]

Ellen died in 1900 aged 84. Catherine’s brother Luke died in 1855, and her brother John in 1872. Her married sister Frances died in 1874. Johanna, married to Daniel Corley Jennings, was the only sibling still living.
Catherine does not appear in the 1901 Census. On October 22nd 1902 Catherine Bray died aged 87. She was buried with her parents and sisters at Holy Cross Abbey, Co. Tipperary. Her nephew, Daniel Jennings, whose baptism she had sponsored in Tuam in 1853, was to be the last member of the family buried in Holy Cross in 1915.
Catherine had been the last surviving unmarried sister. Henrietta E. Jennings, Catherine’s niece and daughter of the last married sister Johanna, noted in her Private Account Book in 1903 ‘Ballycurrane title deeds can't be found.’  
Ballycarrane House no longer exists.[7]

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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Mary Bray [1815-1877]

Mary Bray, second daughter of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary and Ellen Ronayne of Ballindad, County Waterford was born in Thurles in 1815. 

In 1850 she was a sponsor at the baptism of her sister Johanna’s son Ignatius Loyola Ronayne Bray Jennings in Tuam Cathedral, County Galway.
August 25th 1850: Ignatius Loyola of Daniel Jennings and Johanna Bray. Sponsors Charles Jennings and Mary Bray.[1]  

Mary died in 1877 aged 62. She was buried at Holy Cross Abbey, County Tipperary, with her parents and three sisters. Her name is recorded on the grave of her uncle James Bray who died in 1825 aged 44.
   Mary second daughter of Luke, niece of James, d. 1877 aged 62.[2]

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[2] A picture of the gravestone can be seen on

Anna Bray [abt 1812 – 1873]

Anna Bray was the eldest daughter of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, and Ellen Ronayne.
Anna was not listed in the surviving fragments of the 1821 census with the family in Ballycarrane, Thurles.  She is listed with her grandmother Ann (Anstace) Ronayne (nee Power) in Waterford.[1] Ann Ronayne was aged 60 and a widow in 1821. Anna Bray was then about ten years old.  Her grandfather William Ronayne had been dead since 1815.
Anna died unmarried in 1873. She is buried at Holy Cross, Co. Tipperary with her parents and three of her sisters.  
Luke d. 1837 aged 57.
Luke's widow Ellen Ronayne 1864 aged 76   
and their daughters Anna Bray d.1866, Mary Ann d. 1876, Ellen Mary Clare d. 1900 aged 84, Catherine 1902  aged 87

[1] 1821 Census extract City of Waterford, Parish of Trinity Within