North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Eliza Biddulph [1766- ]

Eliza Biddulph was the eldest daughter of Francis Biddulph, of Vicarstown, Queen’s County,  and Eliza Harrison, of Leeds. Her mother was described, at the time of her marriage to Francis Biddulph, in the Leeds Intelligencer of 19th February 1765  as ‘a most agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.
Eliza Biddulph married Richard Grattan of Drummin, County Kildare, on 19th February 1788 in St. Mark’s Church, Dublin. Richard Grattan was the son of the Reverend William Grattan of Drummin and his wife Catherine Sherlock.
Dublin 21st February. Richard Gratton, of Drummin, co. Kildare, Esq, to Miss Biddulph, eldest daughter of Francis Biddulph, of Vicarstown, Queen's County, Esq.[Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle]

Richard and Eliza  had eight children:
Richard Grattan, who was born about 1789 in Queen’s County.
Thomas Grattan, born in 1796 in Dublin.
Harriet Grattan, born in 1799 in Dublin.
John Grattan, born 1800 in Dublin.
Henry Grattan, born 1803, Dublin.
Frances Grattan who was born in 1805. She married William Willis in Limerick in 1826, and died in Dublin in 1866, aged 61.
Deaths. Willis, May 27, at her house, 1 Sandford Avenue, Dublin, Frances, widow of the Rev. William Willis, M.D., formerly of Charleville, County Cork, and daughter of the late Richard Grattan, Esq., J.P., Drummin House, County Kildare. [The Belfast Newsletter, 1866, May 29.]
Anne Grattan, who was born in 1806 in Dublin. She  was married in St. George’s Church, Dublin on 12th September 1850, to George Cooke.
Nicholas Grattan was born around 1808.

Eliza Grattan’s date of death and her burial place are unknown. Possibly she is buried in Carbery graveyard, close to the Colley mausoleum.