North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Monday, 24 September 2018

Patience Biddulph [1773 -], Vicarstown, Queen’s County

Patience Biddulph [1773-] was the third surviving daughter of Francis Biddulph [1727-1806] of Vicarstown, Queen’s County, and his wife Eliza Harrison of Leeds. She can be found as Patience Bedulph.[1]
An earlier daughter born in 1771 was also christened Patience, but she died as an infant in 1772. Another daughter, Frances Margaret Sarah Biddulph [1772- 1775] born in 1772, died as a child in 1775.
Patience married Henry Warner Esq., of Kells, in 1801.[2]  Henry Warner is listed as one of the directors of the Grand Canal and River Boyne Companies in The Treble Almanac in 1802 along with Robert Waller, Esq. Robert Waller  married Elizabeth Biddulph in 1806. Elizabeth and Patience were first cousins.
In 1803 Henry Warner is listed in The Treble Almanac as a Barrack Master for the District of Kells by the Ordnance Civil Branch, Barrack Board, Barrack Department Office 22 Merrion Street, Dublin.
Patience and Henry Warner had six children.
Eliza Warner [Abt 1804-1850]. Eliza married the Rev. Edward Nangle [1800-1883], of the Achill Mission, where she spent many difficult years. They had eleven children, five of whom survived. She died in 1850, and is buried near Dugort on Achill Island, County Mayo with six of her children.  Edward Nangle is buried in Deansgrange Cemetery, County Dublin, with his second wife Sarah.
Matilda Patience Warner [1807-1976]. Matilda married the Reverend Thomas Atkinson.
Eleanor Harriet Warner [Abt 1809 - 1830].  Eleanor married John Malam of Norfolk. She died in 1830 and is buried in St. Brigid’s Cemetery, Stillorgan, County Dublin.
In memory of Eleanor Harriet wife the wife of John Malam of the county of Norfolk Esq and daughter of Henry Warner of Merrion Square Esq who died October 4th 1830 in the 21st year of her age.
Patience Grace Warner [1815-1890], who was known as Grace Warner, never married. She died on Achill Island, County Mayo, aged 75. The unnamed beneficiary of Grace's will may have been George Nangle, youngest son of her sister Eliza. George lived for many years in Denbigh Asylum, Wales, where he died in 1895.
Henry Biddulph Warner married Amelia Solomon in Edgbaston, Warwick, in 1832.
 Amelia died in 1847 and is buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
 Sacred  to the Memory  of  Amelia  wife of  Henry Biddulph Warner Esq  of Dawson Court, County Meath  by birth and by faith a daughter of faithful Abraham  on the 21st of Dec. 1847 aged 40  She departed to be with Christ which is far better  "Come Lord Jesus (-) Amen
Henry subsequently married Ann Cooke, widow of Charles Bradford Lane.
Biddulph Warner.  Biddulph Warner became a writer. One of his novels The Coquette, is still available. Biddulph Warner dedicated it to his cousin Richard Grattan, of Drummin, County Kildare, son of his aunt Elizabeth Biddulph.  Healthy mushrooms: a review of "Checkmate, a Tale; The Coquette" by Biddulph Warner, can be found in The Irish Quarterly Review, Vol. VIII, pp.1421-1440, January 1859.

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