North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Charles Jennings [abt.1780-1855], Monaghan Street, Newry, County Down. Part 2.

As early as 1811 Charles Jennings is recorded as having warehouses on Merchant’s Quay in Newry.
Charles Jennings having commenced the spirit trade begs leave to inform his friends, that he has now on sale a neat assortment of
Dublin, Dundalk, and Newry Whiskey,
Jamaica and Irish Rum,
Brandy, Geneva, and Wine
Of the strongest and best description
Newry, Merchants Quay, March 23rd.[1]
By 1819 he was listed in Bradshaw’s General Directory.
Jennings, Charles. Merchant. Merchant's Quay.[2]

His brother Andrew and his brother-in-law John Caraher also had warehouses on Merchant’s Quay. Andrew was shipping in iron, planks and coal.
John Caraher was married to Elizabeth Jennings. He was a coal and corn merchant.
Merchants Quay. No. 15. John Caragher. House, stores, kiln, office and yard.[3]
He was shipping his goods into the port of Newry.
JOHNS Master: W. Savage. Built: 1828. Owner: Caraher. Port: Newry.[4]
Charles too had a schooner called the EXPERIMENT, built in 1802.
EXPERIMENT - 1843-44
Master: Captain Richardson (1843); Captain McVeigh (1844)
Rigging: Schooner: fastened with iron bolts
Tonnage: 77 tons using old measurements and 60 tons using new measurements
Construction: 1802 in Maryport; new topsides in 1832; repairs to damages in 1839; new deck and some repairs in 1842
Owners: Jennings
Port of registry: Newry
Port of survey: Beaumaris (1843); Newry (1844)
Voyage: sailed for Lancaster (1843); on Coastal Trade (1844).[5]
Her sailings, and his cargo, can be traced through the newspapers.
Preston Custom-House Report. Arrived EXPERIMENT, Jennings, Newry, general cargo.[6]
Preston Custom-House Report. Arrived EXPERIMENT, Jennings, Newry, 840 brs oats, C. Gradwell.[7]
Bristol Ship News. Came in: the EXPERIMENT, Jennings, from Newry.[8]
Preston Custom House report. Sailed. EXPERIMENT for Newry, coal.[9]

Charles Jennings’ growing business interests can be found listed in another commercial directory in 1846.
Coalmerchants: Jennings, Chas, 30 Merchant's Quay.
Ironmerchants: Jennings, Charles 30 Merchant's Quay.
Merchants: Jennings, Chas., 30 Merchant's Quay.
Timber and Slate Merchants: Jennings, Chas., 30 Merchant's Quay.[10]
He also leased a yard and limekilns at no. 5, Butter-crane-quay. The details appear in the encumbered estate sale of James Scott Molloy in 1851.
Incumbered Estate - Sale - 1851.
Lot n. 1 (1-7).
5. Charles Jennings, no. 5, Butter-crane-quay, yard and limekilns. Yearly rent of £30.0.0. Gale days, 1st May nd 1st Nov. Head rent £8.10.5 PLV £15.0.0. Tenant under the Court of Chancery, from 1st May, 1849, fro seven years, determinable with suits, Small v. Boyd, and Moody v. Boyd. This rent is payable in respect of these premises, as also of a yard, no. 5, in Lot 1, which yard is of the estimated value of £4.0.0.
"...limekilns on it, in constant work..."
Sale in the town of the matter of the Estate of James Scott Molloy, assignee of Samuel Boyd, continued in the name of William Glenny, assignee. Rental and be sold by Auction on Tuesday 21st October, 1851, at the Commercial Coffee Room, Newry.[11]

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Monday, 24 February 2020

Charles Jennings [abt 1780-1855] Monaghan Street, Newry, County Down, Part 1.

Charles Jennings was the son of Andrew Jennings and Catherine O’Toole of North Street, Newry, County Down. He married Sophia Corley, daughter of Patrick Corley of Clones, County Monaghan, in 1811.
They had sixteen children.

  1. Sophia Corley [1812-1897] died in Dublin. Unmarried.
  2. Patrick Charles [1813-1814] died as a child.
  3. Anna Maria [1814-1892] joined the Poor Sisters of Saint Clare, in Newry, in 1843.
  4. Kate Sophia [1814-1900] died in Dublin. Unmarried.
  5. Andrew John [1816-1892] died in Dublin.
  6. Daniel Corley [1818-1896] married Johanna Maria Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary c. 1847.
  7. Charles [1820-1830] died in Newry as a child.
  8. Elizabeth [1822-1909] a nun in the Presentation Order.
  9. Margaret [1824-1901] a nun in the Sisters of Mercy.
  10. Cecilia [1826-1839]
  11. Joseph Corley [1827-1918] emigrated to America.
  12. Mary [1829-1838] died as a child.
  13. Ellen [1834-1891] died in Dublin. Unmarried.
  14. Letitia [1835-1924] entered Newry Convent of Mercy in 1883.
  15. Charles [1837 -] emigrated to America. Unmarried.
  16. John of whom nothing is known.

The family lived in Monaghan Street, Newry, and appear to have held other properties on the street, offices and stores.
Charles Jennings, 18 Monaghan Street, Newry.
Charles Jennings, 24 Monaghan Street, Newry.[1]
Nothing remains of the houses on Monaghan Street. There is a supermarket and a car park.

[1] 1836 British Parliamentary Papers.