North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

John Biddulph [abt 1730 - aft 1773] and Alice Scott [1733 - aft 1773]

 John Biddulph was one of five children of John Biddulph [abt1700 - abt 1739] who had been born in Rathrobin which his brother Francis inherited. He died in 1739, when his children were still minors. 
John is believed to have been in the Army.
Lieutenant John Biddulph to be Captain, vice Don resigned.[1]
He married Alice Scott, the widow of his cousin Nicholas Biddulph, in 1769.
Married. In Limerick, John Biddulph, of this City, Esq., to Mrs Biddulph, relict of Nicholas Biddulph, late of Castle Biddulph, King's County, Esq.[2]
Alice Scott was the daughter of Angel Scott of Cahircon, County Clare, and his wife Katherine Babington. She had married Nicholas Biddulph of Rathrobin and Fortal, the widower of Patience Colley of Stradbally, in 1754. 
Killaloe, Biddulph Nicholas 1754 Scott Alice
Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage License Bonds, 1623-1866.[3]
They had one son, Angel Biddulph, who died in 1769 while still a child. His father, Nicholas, had died previously on the 11th June 1762.
The marriage between John Biddulph and Alice Scott did not last long. They separated in 1773.
Deed of separation of John Bedulph and Alice Scott. 1773.[4]

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