North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Monday 6 June 2022

Arthur Stuart Biddulph [1868 – 1878]

Arthur Stuart Biddulph was the third son of Francis Edward Biddulph of Birr, County Offaly, and his wife Annabella. He was born in Bangalore, Madras, India on the 13th of April 1868, where his father was a Captain in Her Majesty’s  2nd Battalion, 19th Regiment, and baptised on the 4th June 1868 in Holy Trinity church, Bangalore. St Mark’s Cathedral, Bangalore, was built in 1808 for the British Army. It catered only to the English-speaking congregation following East India Company's one-station-one-church policy. However people in the area began pressurising the British Army for a second church and Holy Trinity Church was built in 1851, for the British Regiment stationed in Bangalore.


The family returned to Wales from India, and then to Ireland.

Sadly Arthur died in Ireland, aged 10, at his grandfather’s home, Congor House, Merton Hall, in County Tipperary in 1878.

On the 7th inst. at Congor House, county Tipperary, the residence of his grandfather, Arthur Stuart, third son of Lieut.-Colonel Francis Edward Biddulph, of John's-place, Parsonstown, late of the 9th regiment, aged 10 years.

He died of hip joint disease, possibly tuberculosis. His parents appear to have been living in John’s Place, Birr, at the time. Perhaps they had not yet moved into St. Kilda’s which was to be their permanent home.

He is buried in Congor graveyard where Ardcroney Church used to stand. Ardcroney church was removed, stone by stone, in 1996, and rebuilt in the folk village at Bunratty Castle, County Clare. Beneath one of the windows there is a carved memorial to Annie Biddulph, Arthur’s half aunt, who died in Birr in 1901. There is still a gravestone in Congor.


Erected by their children in memory of Nicholas Biddulph, J.P., of Congor House, died 5th April 1888, aged 84 years.

Isabella his wife died 19th September 1888 aged 78 years.

Also Arthur Stuart Biddulph who died 7th June 1878 aged 10 years.

In memory of Mary Biddulph who died 1st January 1914. Also her sister Annie who died 21st September 1901. Birr View, Birr.

'I am the resurrection and the Life.'

Arthur’s death had been preceded by a time of great sadness. Francis and Annabella had lost four children on their return to England from India.

The first, Ormus Llewellyn Biddulph, died on 2 Sept 1874 at Pembroke Dock, Wales. He was only 7 months old and had been born at Pembroke Dock.

Ethel Emily Biddulph, who had been born on the 6th of February 1872 at Aghada, County Cork, died at Pembroke Dock on the 5th of March 1875, aged three.  Isabella Alice Biddulph, who was a twin of Ormus Llewellyn, died on the 6th of March 1875. William Henry Biddulph, who had been born in Dublin, also died on the 6th of March 1875. He was four and a half years old.

Deaths. At Pembroke Dock, on the 5th inst., Edith, aged 3 years, and on the 6th William, aged 4 years, same day, Isabella, aged 1 year, the dearly beloved children of Capt. Biddulph. 1st Bat., 9th Regiment.

All were buried at Llanion Cemetery on the 9th of March 1875. [1]








[1] BURIAL 9 March 1875. Llanion Cemetery, Pembroke Dock. Grave reference G/42



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