North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Saturday 25 November 2017

Eliza Biddulph [1766- ]

Eliza Biddulph was the eldest daughter of Francis Biddulph, of Vicarstown, Queen’s County,  and Eliza Harrison, of Leeds. Her mother was described, at the time of her marriage to Francis Biddulph, in the Leeds Intelligencer of 19th February 1765  as ‘a most agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.

Eliza Biddulph married Richard Grattan of Drummin, County Kildare, on 19th February 1788 in St. Mark’s Church, Dublin. Richard Grattan was the son of the Reverend William Grattan of Drummin and his wife Catherine Sherlock.
Dublin 21st February. Richard Gratton, of Drummin, co. Kildare, Esq, to Miss Biddulph, eldest daughter of Francis Biddulph, of Vicarstown, Queen's County, Esq.[Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle]

Richard and Eliza  had sixteen children:

Thomas William, born 19th October 1788, died before 1828.

Richard Grattan, born 29th January 1790 in Queen’s County.

Eliza Catherine, born 8th January 1791, died by 1828.

Frank, born 13th December 1791.

William, born 17th November 1792, died by 1828.

Catherine, born 17th b June 1794.

Eleanor, born 12th December 1795.

Thomas Grattan, born 27th September 1796 in Dublin.

Frances, born 19th December 1797, died by 1828.

Harriet Grattan, born 16th September 1799 in Dublin, died by 1828.

John Grattan, born 22nd October 1800 in Dublin.

Henry Grattan, born 22nd January1803, Dublin.

Edward, born 22nd February 1804.

Frances [Fanny] Grattan who was born 15th June 1805. She married William Willis in Limerick in 1826, and died in Dublin in 1866, aged 61. Deaths. Willis, May 27, at her house, 1 Sandford Avenue, Dublin, Frances, widow of the Rev. William Willis, M.D., formerly of Charleville, County Cork, and daughter of the late Richard Grattan, Esq., J.P., Drummin House, County Kildare.[1]

Anne Grattan, who was born 3rd November 1806 in Dublin. She was married in St. George’s Church, Dublin on 12th September 1850, to George Cooke.

Nicholas Grattan was born 23rd March 1808.

[1] The Belfast Newsletter, 1866, May 29.

Eliza Grattan’s date of death and her burial place are unknown. Possibly she is buried in Carbery graveyard, close to the Colley mausoleum.


  1. Hi Nicola! Glad you are back detailing your ancestors, which helps me find out more about mine. I had not known about all of Nicholas Grattan's siblings, so this is a big help. I've shared it with our family Facebook group.

  2. Hi Wayne,
    Good to hear from you. I haven't included two other Grattans - Catherine and Ellen - in this list as I'm not sure about them. Catherine is I think your ancestor - could she be a generation later? The Grattans are not easy to pin down! I have an idea that Henry Grattan may have gone to Canada. Have you ever come across him?

  3. Hi Nicola,
    Catherine(1847) I have as being the daughter of Nicholas Grattan, and grandchild of Eliza Biddulph. I also have an Eleanor(1854) as being a daughter of Nicholas. I did not have information on a Henry Grattan until your blog. Catherine Grattan came to the US through Canada, so I suspect other Grattan's may have done the same.

  4. Was Nicholas married three times?
    1.Deaths: Eliza, wife of Nicholas Grattan, Esq., surgeon, Killeagh, Cork. [?? n.d.] 1837? []
    2.Mary Ann Peet mother of Nicholas and Catherine Grattan?
    3.Martha Gregg married 1852. They appear to have had a son Thomas Edward Grattan born 1864 in Cork
    and Robert Gregg Grattan died 1867 aged 7 in Cork?

    Nicholas Grattan [1839-1896]had a son Hamilton, and a daughter Marcella.Nicholas Grattan is buried in St. Finbarr's Cemetery, Cork []. Surgeon. Invented the Grattan Osteoclast. Where did the name Hamilton come from? This is where I have a problem. Was Catherine already Catherine Hamilton Grattan? Or did she marry a Hamilton in Canada?

    1. I can confirm that Nicholas and Martha had a son named Thomas Edward as he was my great grandfather. Thomas married Mary Morris and they had 2 children - George Edward and Mary Emma.

    2. I have the original family tree and was trying to post a picture of it here but cant. Nicholas the surgeon had a wife named hamina lowewhos father was a hamilton lowe where the name Hamilton came from

    3. Richard grattan of drummin was married to eliz biddulph and they had 16 kids. It was their son nicholas 1808-869 married to marry anne peet who are the parents of nicholas the surgeon 1839-1896

  5. I only have Nicholas married twice: Mary Ann Peet (in 1838 from Albert Eugene Casey, Eleanor L. Downey-Prince, and Ursula Dietrich.. Index of O'Kief, Coshe Mange, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland. 16 vols. Birmingham, Alabama: Knocknagree Historical Fund, 1952-1971. See on and Martha Gregg (in 1852 from 2 sources
    1) Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958 on
    2) Ireland, Select Marriages, 1619-1898 on

    It's possible he had a third wife. My access to Irish records is limited.

    Children of Mary Ann: Edward, Mary, John Henry, Catherine Hamilton, and Harriet Jane. I do not have Nicholas being hers but I could just be missing him.

    Children of Martha Gregg: Eleanor Martha, George Richard, William Verling, Robert Gregg, Francis Alice Maud, and Thomas Edward. Yes, I have same info for Thomas and Robert.

    I believe Hamilton is her middle name, but it's possible it's from a prior marriage to Edmund but not after him. She is listed in 1871 England census as "Cathn Hamilton Dunne".

    This Nicholas (1839) was Mary Ann's first child? I do not have anything on him. Sounds interesting! The elder Nicholas was a surgeon so no surprise his son would be one, too.

  6. Richard Grattan's service record lists 16 children:
    Thomas William, born 19th October 1788, died by 1828
    Richard, born 29th January 1790
    Eliza Catherine, born 8th January 1791, died by 1828
    Frank, born 13th December 1791
    William, born 17th November 1792, died by 1828
    Catherine, born 17th June 1794
    Eleanor, born 12th December 1795
    Thomas, born 27th September 1796
    Frances, born 19th December 1797, died by 1828
    Hariet, born 16th September 1799, died by 1828
    John, born 22nd October 1800
    Henry, born 22nd January 1803, died by 1828
    Edward, born 22nd February 1804
    Fanny, born 15th June 1805
    Anne, born 3rd November 1806
    Nicholas, born 23rd March 1808.

  7. Hi JohnF,
    thank you for all this information. Have had to do some editing! It looks as though some of the children may have died young.