North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Charles Jennings [1811-1873], 2 Mill Street, Newry, County Down.



Charles Jennings was the second son of Daniel Jennings, Mill Street, Newry, and his wife Bridget. He was a spirit dealer at 2 Mill Street. Crossle places him tentatively in the next generation but we know from Daniel's will that he is his son and brother of Patrick, Anne and Bridget.

He and his sister Bridget were witnesses of the marriage of Anne Jennings and James Verdon.

9 Jan 1832 James Verdon and Anne Jennings wtns Charles Jennings and Biddy Jennings.[1]

Two years later he and Bridget were sponsors at the baptism of Eliza, daughter of James and Anne.

14 September 1834 Eliz of Ja~ Verden? and Jane Jennings sp. Chars Jennings and Bridget Jennings. 30.10.0[2]

He was still in Mill Street in 1836. Charles Jennings, 2 Mill Street, Newry.[3]

But by 1844 30th Oct, 1844. Thomas Morrin?? commences baking business at 2 Mill St... lately ... by Chas Jennings.

And subsequently, in 1847 27th March 1847 2 Mill St. to be sold.

Who was Mary who died in Mill Street? Mary Jennings, Mill Street, Newry.1840.[4] Was she a relative of Francis Jennings who had premises at no.31? Or a sister of Daniel Jennings?  Or wife of Charles?

What happened to Charles?  Did he emigrate? No marriage or death record has been found for Charles. He does not appear to have left any descendants.


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