North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Monday, 25 January 2021

Anne Jennings [1807-] and James Verdon [1800-1880], Newry, County Down.

Anne Jennings was the daughter of Daniel Jennings [1765-1830] of Mill Street, Newry, County Down, and his wife Bridget.

She married James Verdon [1800-1880] of Market Street, Newry on the 9th of January 1832. He is believed to be the son of Michael Verdon, apothecary, also of Market Street, Newry.

9 Jan 1832 James Verdon? and Anne Jennings wtns Charles Jennings and Biddy Jennings.[1]

They had six children.

1. Anne (Nancy) [1833-]

2. Elizabeth [1834-]

3. Rose [1839-]

4.Mary [1840 -]

5.Charlotte [1842 - ]

6.Louisa [abt. 1844 - ]

James is found as Dr. James Verdon, Market Street, Newry, in the Valuation Office Books in 1835. However by 1844 the premises on Market Street were no longer occupied by James.


For such Term as may be agreed on.

THAT old established HOUSE in MARKET-STREET,

NEWRY, lately occupied by Dr JAMES

VERDON, with all SHOP FIXTURES necessary for

A Medical Establishment.


12th January 1844.[2]

The family emigrated to the United States as conditions in Newry deteriorated due to the Famine. They do not appear to have travelled through New York as no record of their arrival can be traced at Ellis Island. James and Ann are found in the 1850 US Census records in Warren, Somerset County, New Jersey. By March 28th 1849 James had acquired land, as is evidenced by a notice posted in the Plainfield Gazette, and reposted over several subsequent months, warning people not to trespass on his property:

…we do hereby forbid all persons crossing or hunting on our lands, with dog or gun; or cattle, or in search of nuts, or fruit, without special permission; under the penalty of the law.[3]

Five of their daughters are living with them in Plainfield. Only Mary is missing from the Census record. James is listed as a farmer, and subsequently as a Commissioner of Deeds in 1870.

James died on the 13th of May 1880. In the US Census of 1880, Anne appears as a widow in North Plainfield. Three of her daughters are living with her, Rosa, Louisa and Ann, and a granddaughter Mary Larkin.


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