North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Daniel Corley Jennings [1818-1896], Newry, County Down. Part 3

While Daniel and Johanna were living in Clontarf, they lost two of their children, Ellie and John Bray.
Their daughter Ellen [Ellie] Sophie Mary Jennings died at 6 Castle Avenue, Clontarf, on the 4th of August 1878, aged 26.
JENNINGS, Ellie M Miss "dau of Constable"; Clontarf.[1]
Three years later John Bray Jennings, L.R.Q.C.P.I and L.R.C.S.I, died at 6 Castle Avenue, Clontarf, on the 7th of May, 1881 aged 27. He had qualified as a doctor and was living in Yorkshire. His Death Certificate states that John Bray Jennings, Bachelor, aged 26 years, Physician and Surgeon, died of phthisis (6 months certified), and his father D.C. Jennings was present at his death. He was Daniel’s fourth son and the second to die, Joseph, his youngest son,  having died as a child in Ennis, County Clare.

On his retirement from the Royal Irish Constabulary, Daniel and Johanna moved to 18 Morehampton Rd., Dublin. His pension was £400 per annum.
Morehampton Road features many redbrick houses with granite under-courses and steps with cast iron decorative railings laid out and built from 1860 onwards.[2]
Daniel died there on the 15th November 1896.
JENNINGS, November 15, at his residence, 18 Morehampton Road, Dublin, Daniel Corley Jennings, C.I., R.I.C.[3]
His daughter-in-law Henrietta, wife of Ignatius Ronayne Bray Jennings, commented in her account book.
November 1896 15th Old Mr J. died. Wreath 5/- .[4]
After Daniel’s death Johanna went to live with her daughters Kate and Mary in 23 Waterloo Place, Dublin. It was located in a small group of houses off Waterloo Lane. All three stated in the 1901 Census that their income came from dividends. Johanna died there on the 14th of March 1908. She was 89.
JENNINGS – on March 14th at 23 Waterloo Place, Dublin, Joanna Maria, relict of the late Daniel Corley Jennings Esq., County Inspector Royal Irish Constabulary, and last surviving daughter of the late Luke Bray of Ballycarrane and Galberstown, Co. Tipperary, Esq. RIP.[5]
Daniel and Johanna are buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, together with Ellie and John Bray Jennings.[6]

A report on the Tramore Races of unknown date gives us a last glimpse into Daniel’s life  in the police force:  A body of police under the command of sub-Inspector Jennings was called into active requisition to suppress numerous fights at intervals between races. One unfortunate jockey (Hogan from Tipperary) had a bludgeon broken over his head by an assailant. Several medical gentlemen were prompt in their attention to the poor fellow.[7]

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