North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Monday, 3 June 2019

Catherine Johanna Bray [1815-1902]

Catherine Johanna Bray was born in 1815, the daughter of Luke Bray of Ballycarrane, Thurles, County Tipperary and Ellen Ronayne of Ballindad, County Waterford.
Cat Johanna, of Luke Bray, gent, and Ellen Ronan, Ballycarrane, sponsor Mary Ronan.[1]

Catherine Bray sponsored her nephew Daniel Jennings, son of her sister Johanna, at his baptism in Tuam Cathedral on 27th May 1853.[2]
She was also a witness at the marriage of her cousin Ann Ronayne to Walter George Mansfield in 1853 in the Catholic Cathedral, Waterford.[3] After the death of Walter Mansfield in 1873, Ann married again, to Thomas Paul Sherlock, in Dublin, in 1874.

In 1877 Catherine was a beneficiary of her sister Mary’s will.
Ellen and Catherine Bray, the two remaining sisters after Mary’s death, are mentioned in both the newspapers and in Directories.
Concert in Thurles... The Misses Bray.[4]
As they grew older they lived in the Main Street of Thurles and not at Ballycarrane.
Bray, Miss Catherine, Main St., Thurles. (Gentry and Clergy).[5]
Thurles Misses Bray farmers residents Main St. Thurles.[6]

Ellen died in 1900 aged 84. Catherine’s brother Luke died in 1855, and her brother John in 1872. Her married sister Frances died in 1874. Johanna, married to Daniel Corley Jennings, was the only sibling still living.
Catherine does not appear in the 1901 Census. On October 22nd 1902 Catherine Bray died aged 87. She was buried with her parents and sisters at Holy Cross Abbey, Co. Tipperary. Her nephew, Daniel Jennings, whose baptism she had sponsored in Tuam in 1853, was to be the last member of the family buried in Holy Cross in 1915.
Catherine had been the last surviving unmarried sister. Henrietta E. Jennings, Catherine’s niece and daughter of the last married sister Johanna, noted in her Private Account Book in 1903 ‘Ballycurrane title deeds can't be found.’  
Ballycarrane House no longer exists.[7]

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