North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Nicholas Biddulph of Fortal and Rathrobin [b. abt 1714–d. 1762]

Nicholas Biddulph of Rathrobin and Fortal, King's County, was the son of Francis Biddulph and Mary Jackson.  He inherited both Fortal and Rathrobin from his father Francis Biddulph.
Nicholas married Patience Colley, daughter of Thomas Colley, of Killurin, Geashill, King’s County, on 26th April 1736. They had two daughters Margaret, and Sarah.    He was a Justice of the Peace, and High Sheriff in 1741.  
Rathrobin and Fortal remained in his posession.
We hear that on Monday last the Decree of the Court of Exchequer in Irleand, made in the cause wherein Nicholas Biddulph Esq., was Plaintiff, and the Right Hon. Henry Earl of Shellburn, and Lord Dunkeron, his son, were defendants, decreeing the Renewal of Leases to the  said Mr. Biddulph, was affirmed, and the Appeal of the said Earl of Shellburn and his son therefrom, dismissed with Costs [Whitehall Evening Post or London Intelligencer, Thur, May 12, 1748, Issue 352 ]
His daughter Sarah married Gifford Nesbitt of Tubberdaly House, King's County, in 1769.
Marriages. A few days ago, Giffard Nesbitt, Esq; to Miss Biddulph. [Limerick Chronicle Vol 1. no 6. Thur, March 9, 1769]
Sarah died childless in 1772. She bequeathed the moiety of her estate to her sister Margaret. Gifford Nesbitt died in 1773.

Nicholas'  daughter Margaret married her first husband Alexander Cornewall in 1762.
Cornwall, Alexander, gent, of Lishmote, Co. Limerick and Margaret Biddulph of Fortell, Kingscounty, spinster. Bondsmen: Richard Harrison of Aghress, Co. Clare, gent, and Derby Ryan of Killaloe, merchant, 11 June 1762. (Killaloe, Co. Clare Marriage License Bonds, 1680-1720 and 1760-1762. from Ms 31883, folio 188).
After his death in 1779 she married her second husband Thomas Bernard of Castle Bernard, King’s County, in 1780.
Margaret Biddulph also died childless on the 31st March, 1811. She left the moiety of her estates to her cousin Elizabeth, Lady Waller, [nee Biddulph].

After the death of his first wife Patience, Nicholas Biddulph married Alice Scott of Carhircon, County Clare in 1754. They had one son, Angel Biddulph, who died in 1769, while still a child. His name, Angel, came from Alice Scott’s family.
In 1712 the Earl of Thomond leased Cahercon/Cahiracon, parish of Kilfiddane, and Killadysert, parish of Killadysert, barony of Clonderalaw, county Clare, to Angel Scott in perpetuity.
Nicholas Biddulph died in 1762. His widow, Alice, married again, John Biddulph, a lieutenant in the Army and  first cousin of Nicholas, on 30th November 1769.

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