North Street, Newry, County Down

North Street, Newry, County Down
North Street, Newry, County Down

Saturday 29 March 2014

Jennings of Newry, County Down

 The Jennings family of Newry, County Down, appear to have come originally from Ironpool, Kilconly, Tuam, County Galway. The Jennings/Jonine family of East Galway and Mayo was extensive and the records are fragmented. Variable spellings of the name are found in the earlier part of this period, Jenings, Jennings, Jonine, Johnin, Jonnins and others.  

 In the Grant of Arms, by Neville Wilkinson, Ulster King of Arms, in 1910, to Ulick Jenings of Ironpool, Tuam, County Galway there is found a crest of a cat’s head.  The arms are derived from those of de Burgo, or Burke, from whom the Jennings of East Galway and Mayo are descended. The motto is that of the Clanricarde Burkes.

Or, a cross + gules, in the first and fourth quarters a dexter hand couped, in the second and third a lion rampant sable, for crest on a wreath of the colours, a cats head affronté erased sable, charged on the neck with a cross crosslet or,
 and for motto
Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy.

         This cat crest is identical with that of the Newry family. The name Andrew is found in the pedigree of Ulick Jenings, descending from Andrew Browne.  Andrew is a name not usually found in the Jennings families of East Galway, and Mayo, but which is consistently used in Newry. As both families in East Galway and in Newry followed naming patterns strictly, this was another indication that there might be a connection.
The opening of the redeveloped Newry Ship Canal in 1767 resulted in considerable commercial expansion.  Davys and Jennings of Fishamble Street in Dublin, presumably attracted by the opening up of new markets, proposed expansion to Newry. They chose Dirty Lane, also known as North Street.

Isaac Walker, son of Abraham Walker of Rich-Hill, who lately transferred Business for Messrs. Davys and Jennings of Dublin; Begs leave to acquaint his Friends and the Publick, that he has opened a Grocers Warehouse in Dirty Lane, Newry, near the Market-house..... 

Within ten years Newry would have become a thriving port, importing timber, coal, grain and other goods, and supporting many local industries such as tanneries, foundries and mills.
          It was possibly Andrew Jennings of Ironpool, Edward’s brother, who moved to Newry from Fishamble Street. Andrew Jennings of Upper North Street, who had an established iron foundry and imported Swedish iron from Stockholm, and who died in 1818, may have been his grandson. 
         Andrew Jennings, and his sons, Andrew and Charles, were active Catholics. Andrew, and his son Andrew, were both involved in the 1811 Down Catholic Meeting and in consultations with the General Catholic Committee.

Down has selected the following Gentlemen to consult and confer with the General Catholic Committee, namely:
Andrew Jennings, Sen.
Andrew Jennings, Jun.

After Andrew’s death in 1818, his son, Andrew, continued to live in the house at Upper North Street. He married Mary Anne Clarke by special dispensation on October 10th 1825, in Newry. She was the second daughter of Edward Clarke of Newry. 
Andrew Jennings  had a spade factory at Finnard.

A paper mill was in existence on this site from at least 1776 until about 1830 and is described on the first edition of the Ordnance Survey as ‘ruins of a paper mill.’…The Premises are marked ‘The Paper Mill’ on the 1858 Ordnance map but were actually used as flax mills and as a shovel factory.

According to E.R.R. Green in 1860 a ‘shovel Manufactory’ was shown on the Ordnance map, described a few years later as a ‘Spade Factory’ occupied by Andrew Jennings. 


  1. Hi Nicola,
    I have been communicating with Janice Burn from Australia (our family tree research on connected). Janice's great-grandmother was Ida Theresa Mary Jennings a cousin of Patrick Alfred Jennings of Newry. Janice also told me about your fantastic Blog on the Jennings families from Newry. It was amazing to see an old map of our farm and house on your Blog. I had research my family roots many years ago before records were available online. Checking birth and death certs, I only trace back to John Jennings (1811-1889) & Susan Downey of 17 Carnacally Road, (Townland: Carnacally. Parish: Saval) Newry. Northern Ireland. My father was born in this house and I now own this house. I always wonder if I could find a link with our family to the famous Jennings families of Newry. I always knew there wasn’t any link from John’s descendants because the son Daniel (b.1849 m.1874 to Margaret Torley) was the only son from four to get married. Daniel had six sons and only one son got married Patrick my Grandad. All lived in 17 Carnacally Road to their death.

    Here’s a link to a webpage I found. I have spoken to this family and they claim their ancestors are from Saval the same parish as our family, and they also claim to be related to the famous Patrick Alfred Jennings but I haven’t yet seen any evidence of this. There’s the famous soccer goalkeeper in this family, Pat Jennings

    Please keep in touch
    Best regards
    Donal Jennings

  2. Hi Nicola,
    I'm not if the attached files put my last email into your spam folder, anyhow I have updated my mistakes.

    Thank you such much for your notes and family tree. You have done a lot of great work researching the Jennings from Newry. It's, unfortunately, I have only found your blog recently and only now sharing what I found about my family.
    John Jennings (1811-1889) and Susan Downey descendants all lived in Carnacally, Newry. My late aunt told me about the stories her mother told her, of having to live in a house full of old bachelors (Patrick Jennings 1885 - 1965, brothers and uncles).
    I have not yet found any reliable information that links our John Jennings with any other Jennings family in Newry. Your notes show an 1847 Will by John Jennings, I wasn't aware of this Will. Maybe the father of John Jennings Carnacally, Newry, but to make things more difficult, I found a John Jennings living around the same time in the other Co. Down Carnacally, it's in Kilmore.

    The Newry, 1836, marriage church records, of John Jennings & Susan Downey. has a written note under their names "A dispensation in 3° and 4° of consanguineous is granted to them" by the Catholic Church. So John married his 3rd or 4th cousin. Maybe if I find Susan Downey's family, I will find John's ancestors. A Mary, John, and Rose Downey were godparents to John and Susan's children.

    In my research I found a Jennings family living in the neighboring parish Donaghmore, but I think this family belongs to a protestant church. This family had a Peter could this be the same Peter Jennings at John's second child's christening (Patrick Jennings, baptism at 17 Feb 1839).

    I haven't found any information on C. Jennings living in Galley, Co.Down. There's no townland in Co. Down called Galley, maybe it's a house. I haven't look into John Jennings of Lissummon, sorry. Best regards Donal Jennings

    1. Hello Donal,
      Our Bernard Jennings b1796 in Donaghmore,County Down... near Newry. He had an older brother named Peter. There may have been a younger brother James. These brothers left Ireland for Glasgow,SCO. I’m not sure how many years they lived there before they and many Irish from Monaghan left for Prince Edward Island, Canada around 1830. My line stems from Bernard, and in that line the naming pattern seems to be from father to son, Bernard, Hugh, Bernard, Hugh... our family is Catholic, and I thought religious persecution may have been why they left? I’ve see Tithe Applotment Books and Flax growers lists. I see the place name Derrycraw pop up, but I think that’s a road that leads to Newry. Any of this sound familiar?

  3. Hello All!
    I am always on the look out for Jennings from Donaghmore Parish, especially in the area of Derrycraw. My ancestors seem to be Bernard and Peter, who later moved to Glasgow, SCO..then on to Prince Edward Island, Canada...roughly around 1830.I believe they had a brother James or John? who may have been a little younger.

  4. yikes! That Donaghmore Parish message was from me:

  5. Hi Cathy,
    I hope you can find any connections to my Great Great Grandfather John Jennings. Unfortunately I can't find any strong evidence of my Jennings family connect to other Newry Jennings family. Donaghmore is only a few miles from my family's home. There was Peter Jennings at John's child baptism in 1839 but that's probably a different Peter because you have found he had moved. Nicola Jennings thinks you family is related to your family.

    1. Nicola thinks my family is related to what family? I think there was a typo.

  6. Of Tremonti? (Crossle, NAI).
    Will in file (NJ). Tremount? Co. Down. His executor was Charles Jennings. Prerogative Court 1831.

    Mr. Peter Jennings, Traymount. Funeral. 1828. [Catholic Church Records, Newry, Funerals, 1828. p. 5 05502/05]

    Peter Jennings Armagh Dublin Down 1822 Landed Estates Court Rentals 1850-1885

    1822/3 Patrick Jennings and Mary Bagnal. witness Peter (?) Bagnal and Peter Jennings. (Parochial records of Newry, 1818-1827 FHL 926087)

    1823 24th December. Edward Bagnal of Pattr. and Cathe. S. Peter Jennings and Mary Lo? (Baptism. Diocese: Dromore. Parish: Newry. NLI P5501).

    Rental of the Right Hon. the Earl of Kilmorey's Newry and Crobane Estates 1820 . Incidental Expenses. P. 59. No. 57.
    Paid Peter Jennings amt of his acct for oats. (Reside Archive. Newry and Mourne Museum, Bagenal's Castle, Newry, Co. Down). Why oats if Peter was an ironmonger? Were there two? NJ

    Funeral. 1828 April 13th. Mr. Peter Jennings. Traymount. (NLI P5502).

    See also:
    GRO 1866 Jennings, Peter, 71, Newry. Vol 1. Page 638. This Peter's birthdate would be about 1795 which would be perfect here, and perhaps make Peter of Traymount an earlier generation and not where Crossle has him? NJ.

    Parish of Donaghmore. Lisardboy (Lisserboy) Townland, Traymount/Tremont. (Mr. Johnston owns townland.). Gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol. 21. See TABS? Email Ros Davies for a gravestone lookup? NJ 27th November 2007.

    1826 July 22nd. Mary Catherine Jennings of Andrew and M. Anne. S. Peter Jennings and Eleanor Clarke. (Baptism. Dicoese: Dromore. Parish: Newry. NLI P5501).

    Jennings, Charles. Merchant. Merchant's Quay.
    Jennings, Daniel. Spirit-dealer. Mill st.
    Jennings, Peter. Ironmonger. North street.
    Jennings, Andrew. Merchant. Merchant's Quay.
    (Thomas Bradshaw's General Directory of Newry, 1819/20).

    Action Source Surname First Name Year County
    Church Baptism Jennings Peter 1814 Co. Down
    Church Baptism Jennings Peter 1815 Co. Down
    Church Baptism Jennings Peter 1825 Co. Down
    Church Baptism Jennings Peter 1837 Co. Down
    Church Baptism Jennings Peter 1838 Co. Down
    Church Baptism Jennings Peter 1844 Co. Down
    Church Burial Jennings Peter 1812 Co. Down 15 October 2011 Worth checking at some stage parents of these?

    name: Peter Jennings
    registration district: Newry
    event type: DEATHS
    registration quarter and year: 1866
    estimated birth year: 1795
    age (at death): 71
    volume number: 1
    page number: 638
    digital folder number: 4200215

    name: Peter Jennings
    event: Probate
    event date: 1852
    event place: Dublin, Ireland
    document: 060
    volume: 014
    volume date: Mar-Apr 1852
    county: Dublin

    Peter Jennings
    Ireland, Landed Estate Court Files, 1850-1885
    probate: 1852 Down, Ireland
    name: Peter Jennings
    event: Probate
    event date: 1852
    event place: Down, Ireland
    document: 060
    volume: 014
    volume date: Mar-Apr 1852
    county: Down

    name: Peter Jennings
    event: Probate
    event date: 1822
    event place: Dublin, Ireland
    document: 060
    volume: 014
    volume date: Mar-Apr 1852
    county: Dublin
    place name: Drummally, Killevey, Upper Orier, Armagh

  7. Thank you so much! I’ve only
    Just now discovered your post😀

  8. Donal these are all so intriguing!! The Andrew connection- I just don’t know. It never comes up again in my line. Our Peter Jennings was b.abt 1785. He appears to have married a CatherinecJennings( same surname). I’m not sure if they married in IRE or SCO, but they had first born Ellen Jennings in Glasgow 1815. Peter Jennings had a younger brother named Bernard Jennings b. 1792. He married Catherine O’Rourke in Glasgow in 1827. However, he was in SCO 5 years earlier as he is one of the baptismal sponsors for Peter’s daughter Margaret. Peter and brother Bernard Jennings arrived in Prince Edward Island,Canada in 1830.
    I should mention that at the time of My Bernard’s marriage in 1827 he is listed as being from Donoughmore Parish,Down.

    There are also possible siblings of Peter 1785 and Bernard 1792,
    Mary Jennings 1791 and James 1799.

  9. Cathy, I haven't found any connection with your Jennings. Bernard is not a name found in mine. However - having said that - I pick up dna matches in PEI and I don't know why - so who knows?